“A totally immersive experience … pure magic.

— Nate Adams, TheOnlyCritic.com

“An evening of dazzling fun.”

— Ann Holt, The Exponent

“The show is an almost-constant (and audience-immersive) riot of circus-style color and action, from the opening curtain all the way to the jaw-droppingly spectacular finale.

— Arlene Bachanov, The Daily Telegram

“Veteran director Mark DiPietro has staged this production well-nigh perfectly, putting a great cast onstage and giving the show a marvelous look and feel.

— Arlene Bachanov, The Daily Telegram

“With its terrific performances and its enormous dose of color and actionBarnum is a show for all ages that’s well worth the price of admission.”

— Arlene Bachanov, The Daily Telegram